European Cup MULTIPLE registrations

European Cup MULTIPLE registrations, wrong result match, Stop of correcting manually

Dear skater and participant of the Europeaninline Cup,

I’m the responsible person who calculates the european cup results after each race.  To accumulate the results of a skater we use the ECup registration number. If a skater registers a second time or more (can be done with some tricks) he gets a new registration number. But the accumulation after using a new registration numbers now fails. In the last three years I changed the registration numbers in the results if they didn’t match with the last results used registration id.

It was 1 hour manually work for each race. I did this because our registration site is not perfect and I love our sport.

But this year > 4 hours work for each race is standard. This is too much.

Tip: If you forgot your registration number, go to the ECup Website or call

Select one of the result lists and search your name. The line under your name is the ECup registration number I use. Please use only this one for the last races.

I will stop now manually correcting. If you want that an false result is accumulated to your “official” number then send me an E-Mail or meet me at the final in Oostende (Call me in the office) and then we change the list together.

Respect the rules. This not only important during the race!


Rainer Keppeler