We have pleasure in communicating you that the GENERAL ELECTIVE ASSEMBLY of the European Speed Skating Committee is scheduled on July 27, 2016 in Heerde (Neteherlands), on the occasion of the European Roller Speed Skating Championships on track – all categories- at Meeting Room of Hotel Epe.
The new Committee will be elected for the next 4 years and it will be working from January 1, 2017  to December 31, 2021.

The Agenda will be the following:

1.    Proxies of Delegates and financial control of each Federation.
2.    President’s welcome
3.    Minutes of the previous Assembly.
4.    President’s report.
5.    Treasurer’s report.
6.    Approval of the financial report.
7.     Appointment of Scrutinizers
8.     Election of  CEC President
9.     Appointment of CEC Members and Secretary General
10.    Candidatures of future European Championships
11.    Presentation and results of Euro Cup
12.    Urgent business
13.    Other business (documents/proposals submitted by Federation)

We remind all Delegates that they must have a written proxy on headed paper of their corresponding National Federation, signed by the President and with the seal of the Federation.
Please take note that only proposals included in the Agenda will be dealt. This Agenda will be prepared on the basis of proposals made by National Federations, that must be sent to the C.E.C. 60 days before the date of the Assembly as well as candidatures.
Those proposals, the most detailed, will be sent by the C.E.C. to all Federations at least 30 days before the date of the Assembly, in order to be studied and discussed.

We invite you to send nominations for the President of CEC Speedskating Technical Committee, and also for Members of the CERS ATC, to me by 22 July at the latest, together with a short explanation of their involvement in Speedskatuing, for any candidate you may propose from your Country.

The election that takes place is for the CERS ATC President only, and after this has been completed the President will decide the Committee for the next 4 years, from those who have been nominated, as per the CERS Statutes, with of course, the approval of the overall President of CERS, Mr. Fernando Claro.

With our best sports regards

Irmelin B. Otten
C.E.C. President