Judging team for the EC 2016 at Heerde

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
on behalf of the CEC committee we nominated the following judges for the Euroepans 2016 in Heerde, Netherlands:
Gigan        Francois    France
Sesto        Sebastiano    Italy
Krupka        Dennis    Czech
Devos        Eric    Belgium
Le Gosles    Piereck    France
Iturria    Maria     Luisa    Spain
Altmann        Marco    Germany
Ziemczonek    Agnieska PolandFurthermore we nominated by CEC the following persons:
Paz Granados, Maria     Secretary
Franceso Turchetto
Feesche, Mirko        Website
Keppeler, Rainer    Result Service
The nominated judges must confirm their nomination until the 25th of June 2016. Please let us know, how you will travel to the Netherlands. We will check your flights and so on. Please send all information to the following address: IB.Otten@t-online.de.
It is up to the European Federations to send a second judge to the Europeans, but board and lodging and all travel expensive are up to the federation. If you want to send a second judge, please send us until the 25th of June 2016 a request. It is only possible to nominate CEC or CIC judges.
Please notice CEC invite all nominated judges of the Europeans 2016 to a seminar by Ismael Ochoa. The seminar will take place 21st ot 22nd of July 2016. CEC will pay board and lodging. Please confirm your participation soon as possible.
Best regards,
Irmelin B. Otten
President C.E.C.